Better then dieting.....

I will take you thru each of my days, as I strive to get healthier!! Feel free to send advice and or encouragment.. I love you all....

Friday, September 18, 2009

You win some you loose some!!!

Good morning from a disapointed soul.... :( yesturday didnt go so well for me...
Well wed night i met nate at the Y for some swimming with ariell. That was fun and very exhausting, had a paulys sub after swimmimg. Well yesturday Nate asked me to go to WY with him for work... Not good,lol. I woke up and had my protien shake. Then I had a couple of crackers with Black bean salsa. Well the two of them were hungry so they stopped by wendys. I had a baked potato. "LOADED IN BUTTER AND SOUR CREAM" I know I know....

Well on road trips you seem to always be hungry, so I had some rice scrispy treats nate mom had packed they had m&ms in them. Ok Then on the way home, nate got nachos.. they smelled so good!! Lets say I didnt stop with just one :) So we got home about 8:30 and guess what we decided would be easier.. ordering pizza??? REALLY? I had vowed to not eat after 8 and now I was eating pizza at 9. UGH....... I feel vigouros lap swimming coming on!!!! Started this morning with my protien shake, lets start the day!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

woo-hoo feeling great

Ok, so trainer is still not feeling well... so I went by myself... I ran for thirty minutes on the treadmill, then swam 25 laps, topped of by some exercises in the sauna, and a trip to the hot tub!! It feels great :)

Ate at subway had a five inch sub, with some green tea, then had my protien shake when i got home. Tonight swimming with Ariell and Nate.


Ok, sorry I missed writing yesturday.. Long day. I didnt get my work out in yesturday, my trainer was a lil under the weather :(
But I did stick to my healthy eating.. Its been two full days since I have eaten out somewhere, which is really good for me!! My eating habits dictate my weight so I figured I need to change them! Yesturday for breakfast I had my Carnation Essential Breakfast shake mixed in the blender with a banana. It makes enough for me and ariell to drink :) I also had half a bagel with it... yummy!! For lunch tortilla soup and a slice of bread to dip in it, and for dinner I had a chef salad. I am learning to tell my body NO!!!! Its not easy to fight yourself, but its possible.
My arms are sore from mondays work out, but its a good sore, "is that possible". Last night I ran to the store and got a big can of Whey Protein. My friend and trainer Erin, and nate, told me its good for making lean muscles and protien helps break up fat. So I drank a glass before bed, and I will drink one again today after my workout. It helps muscles recover.... I had my carnation shake and bagel again this morning. Ill write again after my workout.

Monday, September 14, 2009

The first day is the easiest??

Ok, so I have decided to make that hard decision to "GET FIT"... No crazy diets or missing meals for me. I am not concentrating on loosing the weight but getting healthy if the weight drops off then so be it :) I will be journaling each day about my battles, my work outs and meals ive been making. I might somedays be venting about how this sucks or i might be screaming out how easy this is?? Either way I want you my friends to be involved. So much is achieved thru team work. So feel free to post tips, recipes, or just some encouraging comments, LOVE YOU ALL VERY MUCH!!


Met up with Erin my really fit friend, and worked out for an hour.. working my arms, and getting some cardio in ;) She knows what shes doing and Im learning alot!! Also swam several laps in the pool. Topped it off with a trip to the sauna. Its 11:32 and i dont feel sore we will see how tommorows work out goes..Pictures to come tommorow.