I will take you thru each of my days, as I strive to get healthier!! Feel free to send advice and or encouragment.. I love you all....

Monday, September 14, 2009

The first day is the easiest??

Ok, so I have decided to make that hard decision to "GET FIT"... No crazy diets or missing meals for me. I am not concentrating on loosing the weight but getting healthy if the weight drops off then so be it :) I will be journaling each day about my battles, my work outs and meals ive been making. I might somedays be venting about how this sucks or i might be screaming out how easy this is?? Either way I want you my friends to be involved. So much is achieved thru team work. So feel free to post tips, recipes, or just some encouraging comments, LOVE YOU ALL VERY MUCH!!


Met up with Erin my really fit friend, and worked out for an hour.. working my arms, and getting some cardio in ;) She knows what shes doing and Im learning alot!! Also swam several laps in the pool. Topped it off with a trip to the sauna. Its 11:32 and i dont feel sore we will see how tommorows work out goes..Pictures to come tommorow.

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