I will take you thru each of my days, as I strive to get healthier!! Feel free to send advice and or encouragment.. I love you all....

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Ok, sorry I missed writing yesturday.. Long day. I didnt get my work out in yesturday, my trainer was a lil under the weather :(
But I did stick to my healthy eating.. Its been two full days since I have eaten out somewhere, which is really good for me!! My eating habits dictate my weight so I figured I need to change them! Yesturday for breakfast I had my Carnation Essential Breakfast shake mixed in the blender with a banana. It makes enough for me and ariell to drink :) I also had half a bagel with it... yummy!! For lunch tortilla soup and a slice of bread to dip in it, and for dinner I had a chef salad. I am learning to tell my body NO!!!! Its not easy to fight yourself, but its possible.
My arms are sore from mondays work out, but its a good sore, "is that possible". Last night I ran to the store and got a big can of Whey Protein. My friend and trainer Erin, and nate, told me its good for making lean muscles and protien helps break up fat. So I drank a glass before bed, and I will drink one again today after my workout. It helps muscles recover.... I had my carnation shake and bagel again this morning. Ill write again after my workout.

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